Tati Zaqui Nude at Carnival (25 Photos)

Singer Tati Zaqui Nude at the carnival in Brazil. Popular dancer Tati Zaqui appeared Topless at the carnival in Brazil 2019. We already posted photos of Tati Zaqui Nude two years ago, and note that during this time the singer’s Tits have become much bigger!

Tati Zaqui is a 25 year old Brazilian composer, dancer, singer funk. She became known nationally in 2015 when she received after the release of her two hits Parara Tibum and Agua na Boca.

Tati was born in São Caetano do Sul and grew up in the city of Santo André, where she studied at a local state school. She eventually entered the world of music, as she had been a song composer since she was seven years old. Her career began in an amateur way, when she decided to pay homage to MC Kauan in a song called “Salve MC Kauan”, where she praised the importance of this for the music scene, music that was made available on YouTube in 2013 and in one day reached more than fifteen thousand views. Among other songs released on the site after and that achieved significant success are I arrived, already Sei, Authentic blood (homage to MC Daleste), Roller with Bieber (featured Justin Bieber), I’m laughing and Until the sun goes out, all made in an amateur manner.

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The fact that it took the singer to fame was the release of the song Parará Tibum, which was produced by DJ Perera and based on samples of “Heigh-Ho”, the song used in the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, this being a striking feature of the genre funk’s daring use of instrumental children’s music.The explosion to the mainstream occurred after an alleged video of actress Bruna Marquezine Dancing this song, a fact that encouraged Tati to propose to her fans that they also dance.

Tthe success became so great that in a few days several people, mainly female, they were recording videos dancing to the song and doing the steps that Tati herself did, in the so-called #Defioparatibum. The song, which features as a chorus, “I will, I will/sit now I will/stop Tibum”, was danced by several personalities such as the singers Anitta, Preta Gil and Cláudia Leitte, and was among the top 10 of the most downloaded songs on Brazilian iTunes. As it became a national hit, the artist was interviewed by various media and reports on the phenomenon Parará Tibum were made on broadcasters, like the Record Network. In February 2015, the song won a music video, produced by KondZilla, where the set was based on the aforementioned film. In just over two weeks, he had more than six million hits, with favorable and opposing opinions on the song.

Tati Zaqui Nude 2019

Tati Zaqui Nude 2019

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