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Diana Melison Nude And Sexy (114 Photos And Videos)

Diana Melison is a popular model who has already attracted more than 1 million followers on Instagram. Surprisingly, we are talking about a girl from Russia. The real name of the beauty is Anna Volkova. However, she is better known under her interent pseudonym.

Diana Melison

Diana Melison was born on January 13, 1993 in St. Petersburg. She also graduated from high school there. Her parents saw her as a clothing technologist or an economist. However, the girl herself did not want to do something like this. She quickly began to promote herself on the Internet.

First, Anna Volkova posted her pictures in VK. They were made very frankly, than the girl immediately attracted attention. Many believe that the model itself is just a successful project of a professional photographer Mavrin. It was he who came up with her pseudonym. The specialist also developed the concept of promotion, told the girl what to focus on.

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Diana Melison

Diana Melison Nude

One of the secrets of the model’s popularity is her frankness. She’s not afraid to show her body. At the same time, Diana Melison refused long-term contracts with advertising agencies, because she did not want to bind herself to promises and restrictions. Thanks to this, she can be shot in any form.

Diana Melison without shame is shot nude in explicit photo shoots and even in a video where she masturbates her pussy and fucks with a young guy. It was this scandalous video that put an end to her career as a high fashion model.

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Diana Melison In Bikini And Lingerie

Diana has a surprisingly good figure, and this does not change for a long time. She doesn’t look overly thin or overweight. Thanks to the proportionality, the model advertises underwear, swimsuits, and tight sportswear. She is also often invited to appear in music videos.

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Diana Melison Selfie

Diana Melison pleases the audience of her account with constant pictures. They are quite diverse, which also supports interest in the beauty. Sometimes it shows only the face, periodically – the whole body. Diana often focuses on a specific part of her body. She has equally beautiful thighs and tits.

Diana Melison Selfie IN Bikini


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Diana Melison Sexiest Pics That You Never Seen Before

In the first photo shoots, Diana Melison participated for free just for the sake of attracting attention. Pretty quickly, she was noticed by advertising agencies and began to offer contracts. The strength of the model was the perfect body proportions: with a height of 169 cm, she weighed only 45 kg at the beginning of her career. However, the beauty did not look haggard.


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Diana Melison missed the chance to become the face of Guess in Russia. This is due to the porn scandal that broke out around the model. There were rumors that the girl in the video was still underage. Nevertheless, the model is not discouraged. She tried herself as a DJ, and was very successful in this endeavor. She is always welcome in most nightclubs. Diana Melison often attracts attention to parties by her appearance alone. About her plans for the future she prefers not to spread. However, no one doubts that as a model and celebrity on social media, she will continue to be very successful.