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Elsa Hosk Sexy In Little Black Dress (2 Photos)

Elsa Hosk became the face of the autumn-winter collection of the 4th & Reckless brand. As part of the collaboration, the 32-year-old Swedish model tried on images from the new capsule.

Elsa Hosk Sexy In Little Black Dress

In the photo, Elsa poses in a little black dress with an imitation of exotic leather and wide boots with a small heel made of leather with the same texture. The image of the model is complemented by a massive gold chain and laconic rings. Natural makeup and styling with small curls made the outfit even more attractive.

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Elsa Hosk Sexy In 4th & Reckless Little Black Dress

Kylie Jenner Sexy In Pink Dress (3 Photos)

In summer, it is very convenient to wear extremely short mini dresses with ruffles and flounces during the holidays. In the city and in the office, walking with such a length of skirt is uncomfortable, but going to the beach is ideal. Although, for example, Kylie Jenner is still in such an outfit for the new Kylie Cosmetics makeup collection.

Kylie Jenner Sexy In Pink Dress

To advertise the new lip gloss, Kylie Jenner dressed up in a light short dress made of pressed fabric, which, combined with ruffles, looks feminine and childishly naive. With a deep neckline and a cutout under her breasts, she will definitely not be hot, except from the admiring compliments of others. Admit it, did you notice the lipstick on her lips at all, or did you only look at her tits?

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Demi Rose Sexy in Little Red Dress (13 Photos)

Pictures of Demi Rose Sexy in a little red dress that emphasizes the size of her huge Boobs.
Demi Rose can not be called a classic top model: her parameters are far from the generally accepted 90-60-90, and the growth of the girl is not high enough. Undersized Demi – the owner of magnificent forms and a thin waist. However, this did not prevent her to succeed not only in the modeling world, but also in the Internet space. Pictures of the girl in Instagram in a matter of minutes gaining thousands of likes, and the number of subscribers will soon reach eight million.

Jennifer Lopez Sexy In A Sheer White Dress (11 Photos)

Jennifer Lopez in a sheer white dress was spotted at the party. She didn’t wear a face mask exactly the same way she didn’t wear a bra under the see through dress. Unfortunately she wear panties and we will not be able to check out how well-shaven the Bush on her pussy, but anyway her outfit was very bold and seductive, but she had Jennifer Lopez in it is incredibly sexy!

Jennifer Lopez Sexy Jennifer Lopez Sexy Jennifer Lopez No Lingerie

Jennifer Lopez Sexy With No Lingerie In A Sheer White Dress

Jennifer Lopez Sexy With No Lingerie In A Sheer White Dress

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Cindy Bruna Sexy In Latex Dress (7 Photos)

Last night, a De Beers party was held in New York. The event was dedicated to the new ambassador of the jewelry brand, Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o. Among the guests of the evening was top model Cindy Bruna. The 28-year-old Frenchwoman chose a truly spectacular outfit for the evening.

Cindy Bruna

Cindy wore a tight dress in a dusty pink shade from the collection of the young Parisian brand Avellano. A latex outfit with a high neck and a flared skirt successfully fitted the model figure of a celebrity.

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Cindy Bruna Tits

Cindy complemented her fantastic sexy outfit with latex gloves, over which she put on a massive bracelet and a De Beers ring with sparkling diamonds. Her image was completed by a necklace with diamond flowers.

Cindy Bruna Sexy

In makeup, Cindy emphasized matte skin, restrained smoky ice in chocolate shades and matte lipstick in a pale pink shade. Simple styling successfully complemented this spectacular and unusual outfit.

Cindy Bruna In De Beers Cindy Bruna Fappening Cindy Bruna In Latex

Nicole Scherzinger Sexy In A Pearl Scales Dress

The lead singer of the famous Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger participates in the American TV show “The Masked Singer” as one of the jury members. In each broadcast, the beauty appears in a new spectacular image, which fans then discuss to the smallest detail. In the final episode of the TV show, Nicole appeared in a glittering dress with mother-of-pearl scales that clung to her entire body. From the spotlights, rhinestones and glitter shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow. She was simply dazzling! Nicole Scherzinger completed her look with a high smooth tail and makeup with an emphasis on the eyes.

Eva Longoria Sexy In Mini Dress (2 Photos)

47-year-old actress and producer Eva Longoria, as well as her iconic screen character from the TV series “Desperate Housewives” Gabrielle Solis, is always in perfect shape. Despite the fact that she loves to treat friends with cocktails with tequila and does not deny herself anything, Eva regularly trains in the gym, working out everything she ate the day before the last calorie.

Eva Longoria Sexy

Looking at the photo of Eva Longoria in an extremely short dress, you realize that her labors are not in vain – she looks great. Just look at those toned slender legs!

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Kerry Washington In Tight Dress (5 Photos)

Actress Kerry Washington has not surprised us with her outfits on red carpets and social parties for a long time. But yesterday on my Instagram page I posted a photo in a dress that would be appreciated at any fashion event. A light gray tight dress with an open back beautifully hugged the figure of the 45-year-old actress and Kerry Washington looked so hot!

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Ariana Grande Sexy In Mermaid Dress (4 Photos)

In a month, Ariana Grande will finally enter into her rights as a mentor on the show “The Voice”. To get the Grammy winner and the most popular pop singer on the planet among the judges is a great success for TV viewers. And Ariana herself does not hide that she is very excited about the upcoming role of a mentor. Even if you have never followed this show — it is worth watching at least for the sake of Grande’s screen images. Every announcement on the web is a new level of fashion-mastery. For which a separate bow to her star stylist Mimi Cattrell.

Ariana Grande Sexy In Mermaid Dress

For Ariana, Mimi chose a dress created not so much by a designer, but by a talented illustrator-Miss Sohee. Therefore, it seems more illusory than existing in reality. There are too many unusual things in it.

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Ariana Grande Sexy

For example, the cut. In fact, this is not a dress, but a crop top with a mini skirt. Moreover, pay attention to the upper part, where the main characters are a bold neckline and, in contrast, long gloves that merge with the sleeves. A great way to demonstrate to fans that after a long vacation and a honeymoon, you can keep a flat tummy.

Ariana Grande The Voice 2021

But the most hypnotic effect is produced not by the style, but by the material from which the outfit is made. Blue-green holographic coloring. Take a closer look, it seems that it is woven from the precious hair of the little mermaid.

Ariana Grande Hot

This year, designer Sohee Park released her second dazzling couture collection, and her creations immediately attracted the attention of stylists of such stars as Bella Hadid, Miley Cyrus and Cardi B, the latter even called Miss Sohee her “favorite clothing brand”. The comparison with the little mermaid is not far from the truth: These charming clothes are inspired by Soha’s childhood memories of Jeju Island, where her grandmother lived, and female divers who collect shellfish without using oxygen masks. “They were coming back to the shore in their black diving suits with all these corals, shellfish and all the treasures they found. It was very inspiring. They looked like some mythical creatures, it was so amazing,” the designer said in an interview with Paper Magazine.