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Big Titted Alicia Douvall Nude (58 Photos)

Nude photo of Alicia Douvall – crazy fans of plastic surgery with huge Boobs!
Alicia Douvall American model, actress and reality show star; most famous for a series of novels with the stars and the whole series moved plastic surgery.
Besides a series of reality television projects Duval became famous thanks to two documentary projects made by Anna Keel – ‘Rehab: Alicia Douvall’ and ‘Glamour Models, Mum & Me’.

Among the most famous ‘characters of the novels’ Alicia special mention should be made of actors Dean Gaffney, Mickey Rourke and basketball player Dennis Rodman; by the way, Alicia was even engaged with Dennis Rodman.

Alicia Douvall – a single mother; about her children knows relatively little. It is known that her eldest daughter Georgia.

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Georgia Douvall for some time was thinking in her mother’s footsteps and become a model; in the future, however, the girl was able to see how many faults carries this profession. The sad experience of his mother convinced the GA that star status, as well as plastic surgery is a double – edged sword.

In 2011, Alicia was born one daughter; happy mother called her ‘Papaya’. Separate surprise for Duval was the fact that the youngest daughter she was able to suckle the breast – and this despite 16 surgeries for breast augmentation.

Only one tits is the list of surgically enhanced body parts is not confined to Alicia – Duval operated even eyes and nose, and really made suspenders model stopped counting. In total Duval went under the surgeon’s scalpel more than a hundred times. Some journalists claim that Alicia is simply ‘hooked’ on cosmetic surgery. It should be understood that this is not just a figure of speech – in our time more and more workers of the fashion industry suffers from a form of obsessive psychosis that causes uncontrollable dissatisfaction with one’s own body and the desire body is to fit some unattainable ideal. Alas, stay away from ‘perfection’ suffering from this disease is very difficult. Alicia at a certain point began to refuse all surgeons of Britain – but this only forced Duval to move into the clinic States.

Alicia is now his passion, it seems, still won – with the help of his daughter Georgia. Everything was decided by one short conversation with my daughter, in which she admitted to Duval that is afraid for her life. Alicia realized that he had gone too far – and managed to pull myself together.

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