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Rita Ora is a brown-eyed British woman of Albanian origin, which seems to consist of only contradictions. Just yesterday another abandoned boyfriend accuses Rita of numerous infidelities, and today the Pope himself invites her to speak at the Vatican at the event on the canonization of mother Teresa. Here she is storming qualifying round of the Eurovision song contest, passes several stages and…refusing to further participate, citing her unwillingness to such serious projects.

She works a lot, tours, writes poetry and music, and for 10 years of her eventful musical career there is only one album. So who is she, this beauty with platinum hair, perfect smile and low exciting mezzo-soprano, who will be envied by many Opera singers?

At birth, the future singer called Rita Sfatcu. Her name comes from the Turkish word “saatçi”, which means “watchmaker”. But later her parents added her a pseudonym – Ora, which means “time” in Albanian. They rightly felt that such a name is easier to pronounce and remember.

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The girl sang in the choir since her childhood, and her teacher advised her to continue her education in the theater school. Sylvia Young. In addition to General subjects Rita studied dance, singing, dramatic art.

In the early stages of his musical career, the performances of the future star were mostly held in pubs in London and its surroundings. Interestingly, one of the pubs belonged to her father.

In 2004, the first fateful meeting took place. After one of the concerts Ora met Martin Terefe. Martin is a music producer from Sweden who has worked with many famous artists. It was thanks to Terefe that the girl began to compose songs herself, in addition, a contract for producing for a period of two years was signed.

In 2007, along with Craig David (British singer) Rita recorded the song “Awkward”, and a year later starred with him in the video for the song “Where’s your love”.

In December 2008, owned by the famous rapper Jay-Z company “Roc Nation” signed a contract with the singer to record and publish her first album.

In 2009, Rita took part in the Eurovision song contest: your country needs you. She passes a few rounds, but voluntarily abandons the fight because you don’t feel ready for such serious challenges. Sarah Stennet, Director of the singer, explained that at that time the participation in the competition seemed to the artist almost the only way to succeed. At the same time, in the opinion of the Sarah, the participation in the Eurovision song contest career of Rita likely would have prevented.

In 2009, Rita appears as a cameo in Jay-Z’s “YoungForever” video, and in 2010 in Drake’s “Over” video.

During 2011, Ora continues to work on her first album, periodically posting videos about it in the public. British producer and DJ DJFresh, who was looking for a singer for the song “HotRightNow”, interested in the rollers Rita. The song was released in February 2012 and immediately topped the official hit parade of UK singles. Around the same time, Rita participates in concerts of canadian rapper Drake as part of his concert tour, known as “ClubParadiseTour”.

The first single from her debut album was released on may 6, 2012. The song was called “R. I. P.”, and in its creation took part Tinie Tempah. The producers of this work were members of the British Duo “Chase and Status”. This composition immediately soared to the top of the UK hit parade. And 12.08.12 released another single Rita – “How We Do (Party)”, which took first place not only in the UK but also in Ireland. Later it was announced the name of their debut album – “Ora”. The album itself was released on August 27, 2012 in Europe and Australia, topping the UK sales rating.

In January 2013, the singer went on her first concert tour in support of her debut album. At the annual Brit Awards 2013, Rita was presented in three categories, including breakthrough of the year. Then Ora has hinted that her second album is a more interesting and diverse than the first. In an interview with the British entertainment portal “Digital Spy” the singer explained that the highlight of the new album will be an unusual point of view on “party girl”.

In the summer of 2014 with the participation of Rita released the single American hip-hop singer Iggy Azalea, well known to us for her leaked nude photos. The song called “Black Widow” took the fourth place in the British hit parade and became the first song of Ora, included in the top ten hit parade of the American music magazine “Billboard”, located in third place.

In July 2015, Rita released the song “Poison”, which ranked third in the UK chart, becoming her sixth song to be in the top 5 tracks in the UK.

Ora continued to perform, including on the status platforms. For example, in September 2016, the singer sang in St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican before the canonization Of mother Teresa (by the way, also Albanians by origin). However, there were no new songs for almost two years until the song “Your song” was released in may 2017. The track took seventh place in the UK and is likely to be the lead single of the singer’s second album.

In January 2018, Liam Payne and Rita Ora performed the song “For you” from the soundtrack to the film “Fifty shades of freedom”. The track finished eighth in the British charts.

In 2019, Rita’s successful career as a singer and business lady continues, she performs at new venues, appears in the company of celebrities and of course continues to develop her lingerie brand Tezenis.

Rita Ora Sexy 2019

Rita Ora Sexy 2019

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