Rihanna In A Seductive Pink Outfit (21 Photos)

Rihanna and rapper ASAP Rocky’s romance is a match made in heaven. This is exactly the case when two equally trendy and talented personalities came together. And therefore, it is a pleasure to watch their exits. For example, last night Rihanna and Rakim went on a date to a restaurant in New York, and both looked great.

Rihanna In Revealing Dress With  ASAP Rocky

Rihanna wore a pink combination with a shameless slit on her naked body, a fur panama hat and golden sandals. ASAP Rocky “adjusted” to his beloved and put on a crimson vest, leather trousers and shoes.

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And pay attention to how painstakingly Rihanna picked up all the details — even the manicure of the star fits her pink total look.

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