Lourdes Leon Sexy At Met Gala (10 Photos)

24-year-old Lourdes Leon does a little bit of everything: fashion, music, activism. And now cinema will be added to the professions and hobbies of the girl. Right during the anniversary Ball of the Met Gala in New York, Madonna’s daughter received an offer from Pedro Almodovar to star in his future film. What kind of role is offered to the girl is still unknown.

Lourdes Leon

By the way, at the event itself in New York, Lourdes Leon struck everyone with a bright image. Long black hair, a bright pink dress embroidered with sequins, similar to a sari, long shiny earrings and a pink purse.

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Lourdes Leon Met Gala

Bright smokies added an exotic look to the image, making Lourdes look like an oriental beauty. Although someone could recognize the American diva Cher in her. Although the daughter of the famous singer could not even puzzle over the outfit at all, but choose any stage image of her legendary mother.

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