Olivia Culpo In A Sexy Housecoat And Revealing Bikini (20 Photos)

Olivia Culpo always looks stunning, no wonder she won the miss universe crown eight years ago! Self-isolation ended, and the habit of dressing nicely at home remained. At least Olivia Culpo doesn’t give up on this nice little thing. In the home wardrobe models exclusively feminine silhouettes, flying fabrics and the most comfortable things. What is only worth a silk white robe with a long train and pastel watercolor shades with a mother-of-pearl tint.

Olivia Culpo Sexy Homemade Photos

In addition to the spectacular train, a note of piquancy was added by a deep cutout in the front. We are sure that if there was a competition for beautiful home images, the prize for the most-the most would undoubtedly go to Olivia.

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