Dua Lipa Sexy Selfie In A Bikini (5 Photos)

Singer Dua Lipa arranged an impromptu beach at home, in the backyard. She decided to get some sun in the quarantine, so she chose an appropriate outfit for the occasion: a three-color bikini, decorated with large rhinestones, and a regular cap.

Dua Lipa Sexy Selfie In A Bikini

In order not to get bored on vacation and spend time usefully, Dua took with her a new book “Little life” by the American writer Hania Yanagihara. According to the singer, the novel quite strongly attracted her with its plot, from which it is impossible to break away.

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After tanning, Dua Lipa tried on a revealing bikini that was more suitable for a little girl – instead of a bra and panties, her Tits and pussy were covered with knitted images of pigs and bunnies! Surely this pig knows how to squish relish!

Dua Lipa Selfie In A Bikini With A Squelching Pig On Her Pussy

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