Kate Beckinsale Sexy In Labor Day (3 Photos)

Kate Beckinsale shared hot photos with subscribers. The actress celebrated Labor Day in a tiny Hunza G bikini. In the photo, Kate shows not only a stylish bikini, but also a toned figure. It’s amazing how the 49-year-old actress manages to keep an amazing shape for almost 30 years.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Sexy

In an interview with Women’s Health, she admitted that she follows her diet and health very carefully. “I am sensitive to my body, my mental well-being is closely related to its condition. If I have stress, then I experience it not only mentally, but also physically. Even more physically. Therefore, to get rid of stress, I need to occupy myself with something so that the body works,” the celebrity shared.

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Kate Beckinsale Bikini

Kate Beckinsale Bikini

Now Kate Beckinsale workout six times a week. “Physical exercise is very important to me, and my form is a “side effect” of this passion. I’ve never been stronger than I am now,” the actress said.

Kate Beckinsale Sexy In Labor Day

Kate Beckinsale Sexy In Labor Day

Kate Beckinsale’s diet is extremely simple, there is no “food garbage”, excess sugar, carbohydrates or fats in it. Before training, she eats chicken breast or eggs with vegetable oil, and in other meals she mostly prefers vegetables and fish. Note that Kate does not drink coffee and alcohol.

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