Irina Shayk Sexy For Burberry And Vogue (12 Photos)

Irina Shayk knows perfectly well that just one detail can dilute a boring monochrome image and make it much more interesting. For example, today’s black total look of a 36-year-old model, consisting of a skirt, boots and a shirt in the oversize style, would look completely boring if not for one interesting feature. The Burberry bikini bodice with the brand’s recognizable print added the missing accent to the outfit, emphasized the model’s seductive forms, bronze tan and her toned figure.

Irina Shayk Sexy For Burberry Irina Shayk Sexy

Irina Shayk also starred for the spring issue of Vogue magazine in a green outfit with green hair like spring itself. And of course in a short skirt exposing Shayk’s sexy legs.

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