Gigi Hadid Announced Her Pregnancy (6 Photos)

After a wave of rumors about the pregnancy of 25-year-old Gigi Hadid, the first official confirmation of this information appeared. First, the model’s mother Yolanda Hadid announced changes in her daughter’s life, and now Gigi herself told how she and boyfriend Zayn Malik are preparing for the birth of a child.

The model became an invited guest on Jimmy Fallon’s online show “The Tonight Show”, where she shared the happy news with the audience. So, when the host congratulated Gigi on her pregnancy and asked how things were going, she did not shy away from the answer.

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Gigi Hadid has been in a relationship with singer Zayn Malik since 2015: during this time, the pair met and separated several times. However, Gigi Hadid has long wanted a child. Now Gigi and Zane are enjoying a new stage in their relationship and are preparing for the birth of a child — the first for both of them. According to rumors, the couple will have a girl, the model is now 20 weeks pregnant.

Gigi Hadid Spoke About Her Pregnancy For The First Time

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