Emily Ratajkowski Became A Sexy Blonde (47 Photos And Video)

There is an opinion that by changing the hair color, a woman can change her old habits and change her wardrobe in accordance with a new image. However, in the case of Emily Ratajkowski, this theory clearly fails.

Recently, the lingerie model surprised followers – the iconic brunette radically changed her hair color, becoming a platinum blonde. And while many can not get used to this dramatic change. But this experiment with Emily’s appearance seems to have ended. In relation to her wardrobe Ratajkowski was not going to change she continues to wear tiny bikini tops and mini without lingerie.

Emily Ratajkowski Became A Sexy Blonde Emily Ratajkowski Became A Sexy Blonde

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For her first appearance on the street as a blonde, Emily Ratajkowski chose a hot afternoon in New York, she went shopping in the usual way – a mini dress in a “naive” flower and snow-white sneakers, which became something of a uniform for Emily. A symbolic detail is a protective mask with the symbol of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball club and the number 24, which was used by the legendary athlete Kobe Bryant, who tragically died this year.

Emily Ratajkowski Sexy Blonde On The Street

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