Connie Nielsen Nude (14 Photos)

Connie Nielsen is a famous 53 year old Danish model and actress. Winner of the 2004 Concha de Plata a la mejor actriz Festival Internacional de Cine de Donostia-San Sebastián award for his role in the film “Brødre”. One merit of Connie Nielsen, we need to consider the fact that she has never been shy about being Nude in movies. Thanks to this we have the opportunity to fap on gorgeous Tits and naked ass of Connie Nielsen.

Connie Nielsen

At 19, Connie Nielsen made her film debut in the French film Par Où T’es Rentré? On T’a Pas Vu Sortir “and then in the Italian television mini-series “Colletti Bianchi”. In 1993, she starred in the American television film “Voyage”, where she was noticed by critics. In 1996, she moved to the United States, where she continued her acting classes. In 1997, she starred in her first English-language feature film “Devil’s Advocate”. This was followed by roles in the films Permanent Midnight, Rushmore and Soldier.

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The actress became widely known in 2000, after the role of Lucilla in the Oscar-winning film Ridley Scott “Gladiator” and after the role of Terry Fisher in the science fiction film directed by Brian De Palma “Mission to Mars”. Since that time Nielsen has starred in major roles in American films “One hour photo”, “the Hunted” and “Basic”. She also starred in the French film “Demonlover”, directed by Olivier Assayas.

In 2004, Connie Nielsen made her Danish film debut in the film “Brødre”, for which she received the award for “Body Prize” as the best Danish actress, as well as the award for Best actress at the San Sebastian film Festival. In addition, Connie was nominated for the European Film Awards.

Connie Nielsen Nude

In 2006, Nielsen appeared in several episodes of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. And after a short break we saw again Connie Nielsen starring in such famous films as Nymphomaniac, Three Days to Kill, Wonder Woman and Justice League where she performed the role of Queen Hippolyta. In 2018, there were just three films with Connie Nielsen – “It’s Music, War and Love”, “Liberty” and “The Catcher Was A Spy”.

Connie Nielsen Tits

Connie Nielsen tits look beautiful at any age of the actress. She has excellent boobs, and the actress herself says that she did not increase anything. She also likes to walk nudes near her house, sunbathe topless. Paparazzi repeatedly caught her doing this and made nude photos in large numbers. But since the star herself does not do anything in response, she either does not care or likes it. In any case, Connie Nielsen nud looks very hot.

Connie Nielsen Ass

Connie Nielsen runs a lot, swims, rides a bike. All this has a positive effect on her figure. Connie Nielsen is sexy in any form. In a swimsuit, for example, it is clearly noticeable how beautiful she is. Her ass looks pumped up. Even ordinary shots with her participation quickly become hot pics. And when hackers once again publish nude pictures with this actress, the Internet seems to start going crazy. But the celebrity herself does not comment on nude pics with herself in the main role.

Connie Nielsen Bikini

The actress is often filmed in different clothes and in a swimsuit. Connie Nielsen bikini photos can be seen from official sources. A woman does not hide that she takes care of her own body. She is quite calm about provocative questions on this topic. Although the question of whether the actress could star in a nude scene, she prefers not to discuss. However, Connie Nielsen’s sexy body has been the cause of numerous discussions of her fans repeatedly. And it is clear why. In a bikini, she is especially good.

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