Charlize Theron Sexy In Yellow Bikini (15 Photos)

We know some celebrities by their scandalous antics, others are discussed exclusively in a professional context. Some sell any information about themselves, while others carefully protect their personal lives. The second in both cases is Charlize Theron, each new photo of which is already a sensation in itself, so rarely does she appear in the lenses of the paparazzi.

Charlize Theron Sexy In Yellow Bikini

However, sometimes it still happens, and in unexpected locations. For example, the other day this sexy blonde was noticed in Mexico. Charlize timed her vacation to coincide with the long Thanksgiving weekend, spending it with her closest ones – her mother and two children.

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Charlize Theron Showed Sexy Ass On Thanksgiving Day

Despite the fact that this holiday implies long feasts and an abundance of high-calorie dishes, paparazzi beach shots once again confirmed the well-known fact: Charlize Theron is in great shape and her ass is still sexy.

Charlize Theron Sexy

The fit figure of the 46-year-old actress was emphasized by a one-piece bandeau swimsuit with a cutout on the back in the most cheerful banana shade.

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