Blake Lively Sexy Out In NY (10 Photos)

The close friendship of the star spouses Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively with singer Taylor Swift has been known for a long time. Celebrities continue to “be friends with families” and demonstrate this not only during home gatherings, but also in public.

Blake Lively Sexy

Yesterday they acted as the star support group for Taylor, who unexpectedly presented a 10-minute music video All Too Well at the Tribeca Festival in New York.

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

For the presentation, Blake Lively wore a flying snow-white sundress with deep cleavage emphasizing her tits, more suitable for beach parties. While her husband Ryan is dressed up in a short-sleeve shirt and jeans – he looks strange in these nerd glasses. The couple left the premiere through the back entrance and avoided appearing on the red carpet. But the paparazzi still managed to catch them.

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