Bella Hadid Hot (9 Photos)

Tops, T-shirts and bodysuits with all sorts of cutouts have taken pride of place in the summer wardrobe this season. And, as practice shows (and at the same time fashionable examples of street style heroines), the more cutouts, the better. Bella Hadid learned this rule perfectly, demonstrating her version of a fashionable top.

Bella Hadid’s choice is a sky-blue bodysuit with numerous cutouts and an open back. And this is the rare case when just one thing “makes” the entire image. It is enough to add basic jeans, comfortable sandals (in Bella’s case, these are Miu Miu mules) and favorite jewelry.

Bella Hadid Braless Bella Hadid Sexy Bella Hadid Blue Body suit Bella Hadid Feet Bella Hadid Hot

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