Anya Taylor-Joy At The Dior 2022 Show (10 Photos)

The selected guests who flew to Athens for the Dior cruise show were no less interesting to watch than the Olympic models on the ancient Greek catwalk. The first row of the show this time consisted exclusively of brand ambassadors. In the new season, in addition to the monarch, Beatrice Borromeo, the Dior team was joined by the “princess of cinema” – the delightful star Anya Taylor-Joy.

Anya Taylor-Joy Sexy Goddes At The Dior 2022 Show In Athens

At the show, the main theme of which was the ancient Olympic Games, Anya arrived in accordance with the dress code-in a dress created from several layers of gold mesh, shimmering and transparent, like a splash of champagne. The look is great for wearing on top of Olympus.

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Anya Taylor-Joy At The Dior 2022 Show In Athens

The long snow-white hair of the main character of the series “The Queen’s Move” was braided in a circular braid, which suggested a crown. Ana Taylor-Joy was joined in the front row of the show by fellow actresses Catherine Deneuve and Suki Waterhouse.

Anya Taylor-Joy Sexy For Dior 2022 Anya Taylor-Joy Fappening Anya Taylor-Joy Sexy Anya Taylor-Joy Hot

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