Anne Hathaway Sexy In Cannes (20 Photos)

Actress Anne Hathaway presented the film “Armageddon Time” at the Cannes Film Festival. However, her mission does not end with one presentation — ahead of filming, interviews and increased attention of secular guests. Therefore, for the “daytime” part of Cannes, Anne has to dress up no worse.

Anne Hathaway Sexy In Cannes Anne Hathaway Armageddon Time Permiere

Anne Hathaway flew in from New York yesterday, but already lit up at morning events in a completely perky and sexy image. The gorgeous brunette wore an ultra-short Gucci dress with a sharp blue latex bodice, showing off her slender figure. Apparently, taking an example from Eva Longoria, who also lost weight, because the Cannes red carpet is the best way to declare yourself!

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Most of all attention was paid to the styling of Anne Hathaway: she made a careless “malvinka”: nachos and “explosive” volume looked very sensual. The iconic styling of Brigitte Bardot is immediately recalled. By the way, Ann also wore cat’s eye glasses — a favorite model of French women. This gave her an absolutely cinematic charm.

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